Glasser Brothers Framing Contractors have been in business for 35 years. The company was formed in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan by brothers, Terry and Ken Glasser. It was there that we grew into a reputable construction company based on work ethic, dedication and most importantly honesty and integrity. These values were passed down by our parents Joseph and Frances who stressed that no matter what you do, "JUST DO YOUR BEST".


In 1989 we moved the families and company to the lower mainland where we continued to bring a high standard to the construction industry. In the late 1990's Ken and his family moved back to the prairies where they continue in the industry.


In 2000 The Glasser Group Framing Contractors was formed by my wife, Monique and our four children, Michael, Nicole, Tyler and Christopher. Each member of the Glasser family brings a new and innovative approach to an already respected and established company. To this day we continue to operate on the same high standards and values that were established 35 years ago.


The above statement was written by our father Terry Glasser who passed away October 18th 2013. Since his death his sons Chris and Tyler have continued to run the company under the name Glasser Brothers. Although the name has changed the quality of work has not. The foundation of what we do is built on the morals and integrity our father started this company with. We are committed to keeping his legacy alive.